ZONA FRANCA is in Varese, in via Severo Piatti 9, tel. 340 6793582

ZONA FRANCA is a “liquid” space, a place in constant transformation where ancient seeds float through the maze of legality towards transgression, as if in a dark pool. It is a multidisciplinary project that contemplates various forms of research within art and economics.


ZONA FRANCA is a daily take away service, a popular restoration spot that produces dishes based on the recuperation and production of ancient seeds that aren’t registered in the official European catalogue, and is based on the respect of natural and ethical agricultural rules; ZONA FRANCA wants to make people think, so that the diversity of agricultural genetic heritage won’t be forgotten or lost altogether.


ZONA FRANCA’s furnishings are made up of recuperated and remixed materials using various techniques such as wood restoration, upholstery, fabric dying and printing, wood decoration, decoupage and collages of objects and materials, all of which are for sale for whomever should wish to purchase them.



it's a liquid space

ZONA FRANCA is a take away service where sweet and savory dishes are available and are cooked primarily with vegetables, fruit and flours that are grown from ancient seeds. The raw materials grown from ancient seeds are cultivated using exclusively organic and “biodynamic” methods. Seasonal fruit and vegetables with a short distribution chain are preferred. The plates, glasses and containers used are made up of vegetable fibres that are completely biodegradable. The ovens used are combined electric and steam or gas, nothing is warmed up or cooked in the microwave. A vast range of fruit and vegetable extracts are available in both hot and cold seasons.


ZONA FRANCA will host Italian and international chefs so that the public may have a variety of choice that is in constant renewal, but is constantly focused on ethics and sustainability.





Upcoming events with agronomists, farmers, activists, chefs, intellectuals, horticulturalists and nutritionists who speak about their research and their experiences; other events are connected to artists who focus their research on food through performances in public spaces and guerrilla food actions.

guerrilla fooding will take place

ZONA FRANCA is also a Sharing Economy!


Market Remix hosts exhibitions of used objects or small craft pieces for free on a temporary basis, to show how an object can be reinvented and recycled, to feed creativity and give life to new forms through a collage of blocks taken from the imagination of whoever wishes to do so, so that the space may be in constant flux and transformation.

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FOODPOWER Srl p.iva: 03447720123

info sito @Wobbli


from Monday to Thursday  10.00 am - 3.00 pm

Friday and Saturday  10.00 am - 3.00 pm / 6.00 pm - 11 pm

Sunday  6.00 pm - 11 pm






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